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TOR Communication Material for Social Security Agencies

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N.G.O./Social Services
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Consultant ( First Shift (Day) )
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All Cities
No Preference
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Consultant/Consultancy Firm
Minimum Experience:
5 Years(Professional experience in developing IEC material for the development sector;)
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Mar 30, 2020
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Mar 24, 2020
Job Description

Terms of Reference

Information and Education Communication Material for Social Security Agencies

  1. Background

The ILO is implementing the project on Achieving SDGs and Ending Poverty through Universal Social Protection. The project intends to strengthen the capacities of social security institutions to enable improved coordination, regulation, implementation of social security schemes with the aim to enhance coverage and compliance. To achieve this, the project strategizes on focusing on four work streams;

  1. Improving coordination at the apex level for coherent and integrated policy decisions vis-à-vis social protection coverage and adequacy and at the institutional (meso) level for improved governance, M&E, data management and reporting;
  2. Improving data collection, management and reporting on social protection, specifically SDG 1.3 and the nine contingencies covered in ILO Convention C102;
  • Improving coverage through enforcement of compliance and awareness raising;
  1. Developing an integrated universal social protection scheme.

The following set of Terms of Reference respond to the strand on ‘Improving coverage of social security through enforcement of compliance and awareness raising'.  Currently, Pension and social security in the formal sector is extended through government schemes that employers are required to contribute to, unless they have been especially exempted by legislation. The Employees Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) is a federal body that provides age, disability and survivors pensions. The Employees Social Security Institutions are provincial bodies (ESSls) that provide health services and some cash benefits to workers and their families. The main category exempted consists of government workers, members of the armed forces, and some others. The pension and social security coverage is limited to the formal sector whereas the informal or unorganised sector fall outside the purview of the statutory provisions usually administered through registered public and private enterprises.

Through the support to the third strand, the project intends to increase the effectiveness and coverage of existing social security schemes. Measures will be taken aiming both at capacity building of social security institutions to improve their institutional governance and; quality of services and effective communication with stakeholders including both employers and workers as the key clients (contributors) to statutory social security schemes.

  1. IEC Material

The consulting firm will be responsible for the graphical design and final layout of the posters, Public Service Messages and the Animated Documentary. High resolution, print ready files of the posters and edited video and audio files of the documentary and the PSMs will be delivered as the final product. The posters will also be available in raw Adobe format and In Design, Tiff/JPEG and web version, while the video and audio files will be made available for uploading on social media pages of social security agencies and official websites of the ILO, Government of Pakistan. Raw files of the graphical design and the final layout will be stored in a USB. All graphical designs, materials and outputs become the property of the ILO and all rights shall be vested in the International Labour Organization including, without any limitation, the rights to use, publish (including the Web), or distribute privately or publicly.

Communication messages (Formats and mediums of display)

  • Posters (4 different posters; one describing the benefits for employers to register with social security agencies; one describing the benefits of schemes and range of services available; one describing the steps to compliance (legal obligations and provisions)).


The poster will be designed in portrait format and in the following size: 0.55m (length)x 0.36 m (width) or 21.6 inches x 14.17 inches.


These will be displayed at factory floors, offices of chambers, Employers Organisations, Industry Associations and Offices of the Social Security Schemes;


  • Public Service Messages (3 PSMs each of 45 secs): These PSMs will be developed with the aim of being broadcasted on national television and radio, Social Media, YouTube and official websites of relevant Social Security Schemes;


  • Animated documentary (animated video of 3 mins): The animation video will be used to communicate effectively and raise awareness among current direct beneficiaries of the scheme/s as well as potential future beneficiaries. The video will be broadcasted on Social Media, YouTube and official websites of relevant Social Security Schemes. The video will also be used in awareness raising seminars with employers.


  1. Major Tasks and Methodology

The consulting firm will work closely with the ILO Project team to conceptualize and finalize the design of the IEC material. Specifically, the firm will be responsible for:

  1. developing a graphical design concept for the posters; a story board for the video; script and narration for the PSMs
  2. finalising communication messages;
  • producing the necessary animation, characters and infographics for the products; and
  1. producing the final design template and lay-out of the products.


The specific deliverables include:

  • Four different posters (developed in English, Urdu, Pusto and Sindhi) following the specs and format explained in these TORs;
  • 3 PSMs (developed in English, Urdu, Pusto and Sindhi) with and without close captions, SFX, music, graphics provided as an mp4 file;
  • A draft script /storyboard for the animated video;
  • Rough edits for review (at least 2 rounds of editing);
  • A 3-minute, final, fully cleared video/animation in English, Urdu, Pusto and Sindhi with and without close captions, SFX, music, graphics provided as an mp4 file;
  • International version of edit (an edit with clean footage, no music, no narration, no graphics)
  • Digital files for all production-related materials including high-resolution stills (along with captions and labels.

All material must be delivered in a format agreed upon with the ILO with costs represented in the final budget. Feedback on the outputs produced by the firm will be obtained from key reviewers and shall be incorporated in the finalization of the outputs.

The consulting firm will craft key messages based on background information provided by the ILO. These messages will be cleared and approved by the ILO.

The final contents and design of the IEC material shall be in accordance with the ILO design guidelines and rules spelled-out in the ILO House Style Manual and the branding guidelines of the ILO, which will be provided by the ILO upon selection of the consulting firm.

Obtain clearances on the right to use any material for the IEC material (including photos, images, footage, music etc).

  1. Contents and target audience

The IEC material produced will bear fundamental information on Social security benefits, and procedures (registration, assessment/calculation, payment, claims etc). It will include key messages to highlight employers and workers duties and rights to these schemes.  It will also include key messages reflect the values and guidelines of these schemes appropriately.  The core target audience for the video are the direct beneficiaries of the schemes, which are mainly formal private sector employers and workers. It is also aimed to indirectly aim and incentivise enterprises (SMEs) outside the coverage of current schemes but that may be a part of the supply chain. So targeting the big industrial set ups and through them their suppliers will increase the coverage of the awareness campaign for which this IEC material will be used.

  1. Required Qualifications
  • Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in developing IEC material for the development sector;
  • Well proven and demonstrated capacity and experience in the field of video production and communication material such as posters
  • Skilled in motion graphics design animation and infographics production
  • Previous experience with the ILO or another UN agency is a plus
  • Proven ability to produce creative and highly engaging products, and in a timely manner
  • Proficiency in use of different local and foreign languages in communication material.
  1. Duration, Fees and Payments

The deliverable is expected to be finalized and delivered no later than the 30 April 2020. The contract will conclude by  31 May 2020.

Payment terms will be negotiated in line with the ILO's payment terms.

The assignment does not entail any travel.

Clarifications/questions about this Request for Quotations (RFQ) may be sought at ILO Registry (islamabad@ilo.org) with copy to Ms Naima Aziz (naimaa@ilo.org) before 30 March 2020.

Submission of Quotations

Submit your quotations and a company portfolio (with links to 3 documentaries developed and similar IEC material developed) at ILO Registry (islamabad@ilo.org) with copy to Ms Naima Aziz (naimaa@ilo.org) before 30 March 2020. The subject of the email to be used for submission is “Quotation for Development of Information and Education Communication Material for Social Security Agencies”.

Contacting any official at the ILO after the closure of date for submission will disqualify a potential applicant.

Criteria for selection

Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Cost efficiency;
  2. Portfolio that demonstrated previous experience in producing similar IEC material with links to already developed videos and posters;
  • Portfolio that meets the qualification criteria explained above

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